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Board of Directors

Wyoming Wheat Growers Association Directors:


I'm Kenny Tremain. My Wife Sharon and I live 4 miles east of LaGrange. We farm and ranch the same place my great grandfather, Dr. David Tremain established in 1889. Our operation includes dry-land wheat and cattle. Much of farming and ranching operations have remained the same, but the business end has changed considerably. It is my desire to promote the farming industry and encourage others to get involved in it. Ken Tremain
1002 Rd 59 K
LaGrange, WY 82221
(307) 834-2471


John Wendling just recently dove into a career as a dryland organic wheat farmer east of Chugwater, Wy. He grew up in Rock Springs, Wy and went to the University of Wyoming where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Finance while playing football for the Pokes.  After college he was drafted into the NFL and played professionally for the Buffalo Bills and then the Detroit Lions from 2007-2013.  After football, he decided to try his hand as a first generation wheat farmer. John is married to his wife Angela and together they have three kids Gage, Allie, and Reed. Angela's family has three generations of farming experience in Southeastern, Wy and her family, Hellbaum Farms, will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2018. 

John Wendling
349 Pioneer Road
Chugwater, WY 82210

Recording Secretary

Stephen Johnson Steve Johnson is a third generation wheat producer in Goshen County. He grows dry land wheat and raises cattle near Hawk Springs in southeast Wyoming. Steve started farming in 1974 after attending the University of Wyoming. He married Bonnie in 1976 and they have 4 daughters. Steve is serving his first term as director for 2011. Steve Johnson
5749 Rd 28
Hawk Springs, WY 82217
(307) 834-2360


Theron Anderson I am a fourth generation agriculture producer that lives in the Albin area where my Great Grandfather homesteaded in 1887. I have been involved with wheat production all of my life and belong to the Wyoming Wheat Growers to help promote the industry. I have been producing Certified Wheat and Proso Millet seed for several years. I have also had the University of Wyoming irrigated wheat varity trial on my pivots for several years. I am in the process of changing part of my farm to no-till, with crop rotations sunflowers, millet, corn being used for that and would like to find different crops that would work in the rotations with wheat the base crop. Theron Anderson
5958 Co Rd 225
Albin, WY 82050
(307) 245-3476


Derek Jackson Derek Jackson grew up on a wheat and cattle operation in the Goshen/Platte County areas. Upon graduation from Wheatland HS, Derek attended Casper College and the University of Wyoming graduating with a degree in farm and ranch management.

Burns Insurance Agency employed Derek in December of 1992 where they started an insurance presence in the Torrington area. Derek is the branch manager of the office and oversees the crop- farm/ranch areas. In 2009 Derek also began to manage the family farm back in the Chugwater area where he grows dryland wheat.

Derek Jackson
4550 Hwy 26/85
Torrington, WY 82240
(307) 532-8981


Tom Watson   Tom Watson
1171 S Guernsey Rd
Wheatland, WY 82201
307- 532-0322

Executive Secretary

Marti Hubbs Marti and husband, Lou Hubbs own and operate Crockett Meadow Farms, a dry land wheat farm in Goshen County Wyoming. She serves as Executive Secretary of the Wyoming Wheat Growers Association and Treasure of the Crop Research Foundation. Marti has participated in the Women's Leadership Program, Statesmen Leadership Program and numerous executive training sessions. Marti and Lou have three sons and two grandsons. Hobbies include playing bridge, gardening and exercise walking. Marti Hubbs
5947 Rd 32
Hawk Springs, WY 82217
(307) 788-1530

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